Type Idea Index
"Type Idea Index" is a tool - an idea-generating, horizon-expanding, knowledge-broadening power-tool that can be used to boost the creative output of designers, illustrators and anyone else who uses type.The basic principle behind "Type Idea Index" is simple: ideas breed ideas. If you are looking for new ways of employing type in your works of art and design (or new twists to apply to your current typographic techniques), check out Type Idea Index. You'll find yourself face-to-face with 650+ custom-created, idea-sparking examples of typography and type-intensive design. For maximum user-friendliness, these samples are organized according to the theme they express (Energy, Elegance, Order, Rebellion) and the sort of real-world application they relate to (initials, monograms, logos, headlines, paragraphs).Expand your knowledge of type and brainstorm for ideas every time you design with letters and words.Type Idea Index "is the sixth installment in the best-selling, globally popular Index series by Jim Krause."

Type Idea Index Details

TitleType Idea Index
ReleaseDec 22nd, 2006
PublisherHOW Books
GenreDesign, Nonfiction, Art, Reference, Art Design

Type Idea Index Review

  • Melissa
    January 1, 1970
    Awesome ideas. Great break-down of design categories and "feelings" derived by the use of type. I'd say this book is a must for graphic designers (yes, and I'm not sure why I haven't picked it up earlier than now!)
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