Armageddon Saint (Last Chancers #4)
A Last Chancers novel – available first as an eBookl!When Lieutenant Kage of the 13th Penal Legion seemingly returns to life, he becomes a symbol for the Emperor's servants… but his old commander Colonel Schaeffer has plans for Kage.READ IT BECAUSEIt's the triumphant return of fan-favourite characters, thrown into another mission where chances of survival are slim and only the strongest can hope to prevail.THE STORYLieutenant Kage of the 13th Penal Legion is dead, his charred remains lost to the depths of a fiery chasm. But as his battalion – the Last Chancers – mourns, a new hero rises from the ashes. The Burned Man. Kage’s miraculous survival attracts a cult of desperate followers, who believe him sent to the ork-infested world of Armageddon by the God-Emperor Himself. However, the rampaging greenskins are not the only threat to his new life. The ruthless Colonel Schaeffer, his former commander, has seen through his ploy and will stop at nothing to bring his errant charge to justice… Yet unbeknownst to both men, darker powers yearn to see Armageddon bathed and bound in blood. Kage and Schaeffer must put the ghosts of their past aside and unite, or see the Emperor’s Light forevermore extinguished upon this tortured world.Written by Gav Thorpe

Armageddon Saint (Last Chancers #4) Details

TitleArmageddon Saint (Last Chancers #4)
ReleaseDec 25th, 2019
PublisherBlack Library
GenreScience Fiction, Novels, 40k, War, Military Fiction

Armageddon Saint (Last Chancers #4) Review

  • Zaphied
    January 1, 1970
    Unexpectedly came across this one. Did not expect a sequel to the previous three, so picked it up thinking it would be something inbetween the established start and end points. But no, it was a true sequel that aligns nicely with the 'Current' state of the time line. Nice little branch off points to develop possible other novels too should it come to pass. The Ork insight bits were great.
  • Jonathan Merrill
    January 1, 1970
    Excellent addition to the series
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