The Science of Religion
An amplification of Paramahansa Yogananda's 1920 maiden speech in America, given at the International Congress of Religious Liberals in Boston. With penetrating logic, Yogananda reveals the spiritual yearning that lies behind all human striving. Fulfillment of that ultimate longing for transcendence, he explains, is attainable through a science as universal and practical as the sciences on which we rely for material knowledge and attainments.

The Science of Religion Details

TitleThe Science of Religion
ReleaseDec 1st, 1984
PublisherSelf-Realization Fellowship Publishers
GenreSpirituality, Philosophy, Nonfiction, Religion, Hinduism, Self Help

The Science of Religion Review

  • Harish Challapalli
    January 1, 1970
    good book!! but if u read the autobiography of yogi, der is nothing new in this!! a great read!! found similarity with swami vivekananda's four yogas!!
  • Scott Christensen
    January 1, 1970
    After this cursory reading, I am certain that the practical truths discussed within need further study on my part. It is a great explanation of what I have intuitively felt.
  • Rafael Suleiman
    January 1, 1970
    A very intense examination of the influence of spirituality in modern science.
  • Tanner
    January 1, 1970
    This short manifesto could be applied and mankind would live enlightened like the great masters and saints (jesus, buddha, krishna). We can no longer live in an age of sectarianism or division. We need universal religion.
  • LuAnn
    January 1, 1970
    A first good look at Hindu philosophies and perspectives. If I was forced to read this book I would probably be moaning its content, but since I am a spiritual speaker I was fascinated by the concepts in this little book.
  • wigger
    January 1, 1970
    Not overly mystical, clear, concise thinking that can be applied to the modern world. A scientific and analytical way to think.
  • Jayakrishna Kothapalli
    January 1, 1970
    Must read
  • Amit Thumar
    January 1, 1970
    Only first part about religion and its meaning was extremely useful. Perspective broadening. Second half about how to achieve god seemed a little abstract. Couldn't grasp it properly.
  • Christy
    January 1, 1970
    To the point, if that's a fair statement of a book concerning the issues of science, religion, and how they mesh.
  • Dean
    January 1, 1970
    His views on the universality of religion were very interesting, but the end of the book ended up a bit like propaganda. Decent quick read though.
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