How We Show Up
An Invitation to Community and Models for Connection After almost every presentation activist and writer Mia Birdsong gives to executives, think tanks, and policy makers, one of those leaders quietly confesses how much they long for the profound community she describes. They have family, friends, and colleagues, yet they still feel like they're standing alone. They're "winning" at the American Dream, but they're lonely, disconnected, and unsatisfied.It seems counterintuitive that living the "good life"--the well-paying job, the nuclear family, the upward mobility--can make us feel isolated and unhappy. But in a divided America, where only a quarter of us know our neighbors and everyone is either a winner or a loser, we've forgotten the key element that helped us make progress in the first place: community. In this provocative, groundbreaking work, Mia Birdsong shows that what separates us isn't only the ever-present injustices built around race, class, gender, values, and beliefs, but also our denial of our interdependence and need for belonging. In response to the fear and discomfort we feel, we've built walls, and instead of leaning on each other, we find ourselves leaning on concrete.Through research, interviews, and stories of lived experience, How We Show Up returns us to our inherent connectedness where we find strength, safety, and support in vulnerability and generosity, in asking for help, and in being accountable. Showing up--literally and figuratively--points us toward the promise of our collective vitality and leads us to the liberated well-being we all want.

How We Show Up Details

TitleHow We Show Up
ReleaseJun 2nd, 2020
PublisherHachette Go
GenreNonfiction, Sociology

How We Show Up Review

  • Judith von Kirchbach
    January 1, 1970
    Inspiring Read ! A very insightful book about an inclusive community and how to build it. It highlights how far from true community many of us have come following the American Dream and it‘s stereotypical goals of two parent family, two kids, two cars and a fence around this nuclear family. It highlights action pints through personal stories while also informing in a more academic way on societal matters. Very inspiring !
  • Brooke
    January 1, 1970
    So much to think about in this book! I’m inspired to reflect on how to invest more deeply in building connection, support, and accountability in my community. I particularly liked the honest questioning and pushing against personal assumptions the author included as a transparent example of how to learn from the examples in the book.
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