Kim Reaper
Becka, Charlie and Tyler are going on a mission to rescue Kim from the second layer of Hell, no big deal. It'd probably be a little easier without all this spooky mist though... The gang could also do without all these ghouls getting in the way, too. Ugh, who knew the second layer of Hell would be so unpleasant?! I wanna go back to Vampire Island.

Kim Reaper Details

TitleKim Reaper
ReleaseNov 28th, 2018
PublisherOni Press

Kim Reaper Review

  • Kari
    January 1, 1970
    i knew talking helped. is this the end? will there be more adventures since charlie is around? magical girlfriends running around having adventures with their best friends please! can this be a series? a Netflix series!?! so cute, so gay and so magic
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