Indigo Girl
Fifteen-year-old Aiko Cassidy, a bicultural girl with cerebral palsy, grew up in Michigan with her single mother. For as long as she could remember, it was just the two of them. When a new stepfather and a baby half sister enter her life, she finds herself on the margins. Having recently come into contact with her biological father, she is invited to spend the summer with his indigo-growing family in a small Japanese farming village. Aiko thinks she just might fit in better in Japan. If nothing else, she figures the trip will inspire her manga story, Gadget Girl.However, Aiko’s stay in Japan is not quite the easygoing vacation that she expected. Her grandmother is openly hostile toward her, and she soon learns of painful family secrets that have been buried for years. Even so, she takes pleasure in meeting new friends. She is drawn to Taiga, the figure skater who shows her the power of persistence against self-doubt. Sora is a fellow manga enthusiast who introduces Aiko to a wide circle of like-minded artists. And then there is Kotaro, a refugee from the recent devastating earthquake in northeastern Japan.As she gets to know her biological father and the story of his break with her mother, Aiko begins to rethink the meaning of family and her own place in the world.

Indigo Girl Details

TitleIndigo Girl
ReleaseMay 10th, 2019
GenreFiction, Cultural, Japan, Contemporary, Asian Literature, Japanese Literature, Young Adult

Indigo Girl Review

  • ABC
    January 1, 1970
    American girl goes to visit her bio-dad in Japan and lives there in the days after the Big Quake in 2011. (Although she doesn't live in the hard-struck region. Her neighbor though came from up north, he's a refugee AND a fabulous ice skater. Even though she has cerebral palsy, he still helps her ice skate!!!! Wow!) Definitely kept my interest.
  • Suzanne
    January 1, 1970
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