Tate (The Montana Marshalls, #2)
What will it cost this bodyguard to save the woman he loves?Bodyguard, Tate Marshall, has always been the family troublemaker. Maybe it's his impulsive propensity to get into the middle of problems that don't belong to him. But once in, he can't stop himself from trying to solve them and that includes his recent dilemma. He's in love with the woman he's supposed to protect, the beautiful Gloria, "Glo" Jackson, daughter of US Senator and presidential hopeful Reba Jackson. A member of the country band, the Yankee Belles, Glo was targeted in a recent terrorist attack designed to deter her mother from running.Glo is as stubborn as her mother, and Glo isn't about to hide from threats, at least the kind that won't cost her heart. Because she's already paid a terrible price for the war on terror, and she can't let herself love a man who might die, especially because of her.  As the campaign heats up and the threats deepen, so does the attraction between Tate and Glo. But when they're discovered, and Tate is fired, what will he do to protect the woman he loves? And what will Glo do to keep from losing another man to the costs of war?

Tate (The Montana Marshalls, #2) Details

TitleTate (The Montana Marshalls, #2)
ReleaseJul 9th, 2019
PublisherStonewater Books
GenreChristian Fiction

Tate (The Montana Marshalls, #2) Review

  • BookLover
    January 1, 1970
    I'm annoyed with the current 1 star rating that someone has given this book. There's no review attached so it's clearly not from an ARC. I'm leaving my five stars here until July when the book is released and people have actually read the book and there are more ratings. I'll adjust it (if required) once I've read the book.I just finished Knox (4 stars) which I really enjoyed. I'm very much looking forward to Tate's story.
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