What Monstrous Gods
Kristin Rens at Balzer + Bray has acquired a YA fantasy novel by Cruel Beauty author Rosamund Hodge. The book, What Monstrous Gods, starts where “Sleeping Beauty” leaves off, as Lia, a girl chosen by the gods of Runakhia, releases the royal family from 500 years of enchanted sleep and kills the heretic sorcerer who trapped them—only to find that the gods are not as benevolent as they appear, and the ghost of the sorcerer she killed may be her only help to protect her life and country. Publication is planned for early 2021; Hannah Bowman at Liza Dawson Associates did the deal for world rights.

What Monstrous Gods Details

TitleWhat Monstrous Gods
ReleaseJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Retellings, Young Adult

What Monstrous Gods Review

  • Nastassja
    January 1, 1970
    A dark retelling of the Sleeping Beauty by Rosamund Hodge.Me: Is it my Birthday day already? First art of the characters:source: https://twitter.com/NicoleDealArt/sta...
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    January 1, 1970
    I've always been a fan of Rosamund's darkly elegant fairytale retellings, but a HERETIC SORCERER GHOST?! It’s an understatement to say I’m quiiiiiteeeee interested
  • faith ✨
    January 1, 1970
    The only situation the overused phrase "I let go of a breath I didn't know I was holding" is acceptable is when you realize the cover is only a placeholder, and not the final one
  • Micaela Muldoon
    January 1, 1970
    The moment I saw that Rosamund Hodge had a new book deal, I got heart palpitations.
  • Kailey (Kathryn is looking for me)
    January 1, 1970
    See Rosamund Hodge? Click the button. It's that simple.
  • Katrina
    January 1, 1970
    04/12/2019this book has over a year and a half before it's released, doesn't even have a cover, but people just dropping those 1 and 5 stars to mess with the ratings... STOP PLEASE
  • Circe
    January 1, 1970
    Another Rosamund Hodge book? My body is ready.
  • Kjesin
    January 1, 1970
    The fact that I’ll have to wait till winter 2020 have me crying at the middle of the night... WHYYYYY
  • Caitlyn
    January 1, 1970
    I do (fervently) hope this is more like Hodge's earlier works and not Romeo + Juliet + zombies.
  • Rohma
    January 1, 1970
    I really hope this is more along the lines of Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound.
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