Untitled Catalina Book (Hidden Legacy #5)
Book two of a trilogy focusing on Nevada's sister Catalina. "Catalina is Nevada’s second sister and she is an interesting character. She is the typical teenage shy girl where she’s very smart, she’s very introspective, but she just doesn’t deal with the spotlight. So, it’s going to be about Catalina. It is going to be set a little bit further from the events of the first three books, so she’ll be older. She’ll be in her early 20s and we are going to further explore her character a little bit. There was an Italian gentleman she met during her trials in the previous books, and he will feature prominently in the trilogy. The trilogy itself will revolve around the crime syndicate. We’re going to kind of see how she deals with different things. It’s taking somebody who’s living a really mundane, ordinary life and suddenly thrusting them into the glittering world of too much money, too much power, too much public visibility and seeing how they will deal with it."From the EW trilogy announcement.

Untitled Catalina Book (Hidden Legacy #5) Details

TitleUntitled Catalina Book (Hidden Legacy #5)
ReleaseJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy

Untitled Catalina Book (Hidden Legacy #5) Review

  • Sarah
    January 1, 1970
    In case you missed it there is all kinds of extra info about the new Hidden Legacy series in this Entertainment Weekly interview with Ilona and Gordon. I am so bloody excited about this spin off!
  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    January 1, 1970
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