Unexpected Bliss (Unexpected Changes, #5)
Not quite ready to let go of his last relationship, Liam hesitates when Grayson comes striding into his life. Knowing he needs to move on, Liam decides to give a new relationship a try. He’s attracted to Grayson’s hard body and kind but persistent personality. It all seems to be going well until his ex-boyfriend shows up, ruining everything Liam has built with Grayson.Grayson was looking for something uncomplicated when he first met Liam. Despite Liam’s hesitation, Grayson was eager to make it work. But when the sex leaves Liam cold and distant, Grayson isn’t sure what to think. A relationship with the sexy sales clerk is anything but simple, and when Liam’s ex shows up uncomplicated is left writhing in the dust.Can they move past the secrets Liam’s been keeping? Can Grayson find a way to unlock Liam’s sexuality, and more importantly, his heart?

Unexpected Bliss (Unexpected Changes, #5) Details

TitleUnexpected Bliss (Unexpected Changes, #5)
ReleaseFeb 16th, 2018
PublishereXtasy Books
GenreRomance, Erotic Romance, Glbt, Gay, Contemporary, Erotica, Bdsm

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