What I know: a student in my school will one day wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus.What I don’t know: who it is.In a race against the clock, I not only have to figure out their identity, but I'll have to outwit a voice from the future telling me to kill them. Because I'm starting to realize no one is telling the truth. But how can I play chess with someone who already knows the outcome of my every move? Someone so filled with malice she's lost all hope in humanity? Well, I'll just have to find a way―because now she's drawn a target on the only boy I've ever loved...

Malice Details

ReleaseFeb 4th, 2020
PublisherEntangled: Teen
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel, Paranormal

Malice Review

  • Tucker (TuckerTheReader)
    January 1, 1970
    Me: *Sees the word "virus" in the description.ME: OMGOMGOMG GIVE IT TO ME NOW| Goodreads | Blog | Twitch | Pinterest | Buy this book
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    January 1, 1970
    Love this cover! First addition to 2020 shelf- wasn't ready for that; still trying to get use to 2019
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