Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)
I will never be controlled again.A manipulative dragon shifter. A sexy phaetyn prince. Me? I shouldn’t even exist. With peace established in Verald, I should be free; Lord Tyrrik is liberated from his blood oath, after all. But the freedom in Verald is an illusion. If I remain, destruction will surely follow. As soon as I come into my powers, the blood-thirsty emperor of Draecon will know. Even now, he is hunting me. When a Phaetyn prince arrives promising safety, the solution seems perfect. A little too perfect. But is the objective of our group security or something more? Because everyone is telling me what my goals should be. Who do you trust when everyone has lied to you? Should I listen with my head – or my heart? I might not get a choice.

Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2) Details

TitleShadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2)
ReleaseJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Romance

Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae, #2) Review

  • Katarina Silva
    January 1, 1970
    I need this badly! OMG It's so far away!!Pretty please?????
  • Kayla
    January 1, 1970
    THERE'S SEQUELS?holy shit i need to read the first book already
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