She-Hulk, Volume 3
The Leader is back! And the heavy-headed villain has decreed it: Jen Walters must die! On a single-minded mission of destruction, the Leader is using all his gamma-enhanced super-intelligence to strike at her - but is his goal more than simply Jen's death? What does he truly want? And how do you hurt an almost indestructible She-Hulk? By turning Jen against herself! Can the She-Hulk triumph over the Leader's machinations of doom, or has the villain thought her into a corner she'll never escape from? Witness the next stage of the sensationally savage She-Hulk legacy! COLLECTING: SHE-HULK 159-163

She-Hulk, Volume 3 Details

TitleShe-Hulk, Volume 3
ReleaseMay 15th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels Comics, Superheroes, Marvel

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