You Are Beloved
You're not what you do. You're not what you have. You are not what others say about you. You are God's beloved.Are you ever concerned that you don’t deserve to love and be loved because you are continually having to prove yourself?  In You Are Beloved, Bobby Schuller shows you how to let go of these fears and put your trust in the One who sees you for who you really are.  Here is an easy to follow, proven path to personal dignity for all those who think they are not good enough no matter how much they achieve. This path is illuminated by the truths that it is not about what you accomplish, but what has already been accomplished for you; not about what you have, but what has already been provided; and not about who others say you are, but who God says you are.  Know that you are valued, cared for, and embraced.  You Are Beloved will help you rebuild your life as a response to that assurance. 

You Are Beloved Details

TitleYou Are Beloved
ReleaseMay 29th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Spirituality, Religion

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