Black Bolt #2
Black Bolt begins to find his bearings in the remote prison to which he has been mysteriously banished. And an unlikely alliance with Crusher Creel, a.k.a. the Absorbing Man, could provide the Silent King with some answers about his captor's motives and identity. But not every prisoner is ready to trust the hero-turned-inmate. There are those who would see him fall…and they are more than happy to push.

Black Bolt #2 Details

TitleBlack Bolt #2
FormatKindle Edition
ReleaseJun 7th, 2017
Number of pages23 pages
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel

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Black Bolt #2 Review

  • Amy
    June 20, 2017
    Black Bolt isn't sure how he got to this prison but finds allies and enemies among his fellow inmates.This one is a bit more coherent than the first issue (making perfect sense, as the main character gets his bearings).
  • Vinton Bayne
    June 17, 2017
    I'm really fascinated with this book. Black Bolt is so awesome.Plus, I never thought I would find such common ground with Crusher Creel.
  • Maymuna
    June 14, 2017
    Better than the first, still not overly crazy about it, I think that it's getting a bit better. I only have them because when the next one comes out my dad buys it from the comic book store around the corner. So I end up reading these once or twice a month.
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