Memento Mori (Medicus Investigation #8)
The eighth gripping novel in the bestselling Medicus series, in which Ruso and Tilla investigate the death of the wife of Ruso's friend in the sacred hot spring of Aquae Sulis.A scandal is threatening to engulf the popular spa town of Aquae Sulis (modern-day Bath). The wife of Ruso's best friend, Valens, has been found dead in the sacred hot spring, stabbed through the heart. Fearing the wrath of the goddess and the ruin of the tourist trade, the temple officials are keen to cover up what's happened. But the dead woman's father is demanding justice, and he's accusing Valens of murder.If Valens turns up to face trial, he will risk execution. If he doesn't, he'll lose his children.Ruso and Tilla do their best to help but it's difficult to get anyone--even Valens himself--to reveal what really happened. Could Ruso's friend really be guilty as charged?

Memento Mori (Medicus Investigation #8) Details

TitleMemento Mori (Medicus Investigation #8)
ReleaseMar 6th, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury USA

Memento Mori (Medicus Investigation #8) Review

  • Kathleen
    January 1, 1970
    Author’s Note ” Aqua Sulis is one of the most visited sites in Roman Britain, perhaps because it combines a lovely setting with spectacular remains..over 130 curse tablets deposited in the waters>>From the floor level down, the Great Bath is much the same today as it was when Ruso swam in it” and "My thanks go to all the readers who travel with Ruso and Tilla”All of this is why I love this series so..My review at a later date
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