Guardians of the Galaxy
THE GUARDIANS ARE DONE GUARDING THE GALAXY, YES? When one of the galaxy's greatest bounty hunters targets the Guardians of the Galaxy, it's lights out for STAR-LORD, GAMORA, DRAX, ROCKET and GROOT! But if DEATH'S HEAD can make their dreams come true, will the Guardians fight back, or go along with his crazy plan? They might…especially if it leads to the destruction of THANOS once and for all! Also included - a special presentation of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (1990) #1, featuring the first appearance of Taserface!

Guardians of the Galaxy Details

TitleGuardians of the Galaxy
ReleaseApr 19th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, Superheroes, Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

  • Cody
    January 1, 1970
    Started off strong. Threw in some Death's Head (major plus), and then the direction got messy....still my kind of ending, tho.
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