James Bond
The latest installment in the Black Box storyline will leave you breathless. An epic car chase through the gritty, neon wonderland of Tokyo gives way to a sexy layover near Mt. Fuji, where James Bond goes "undercover" with the mysterious assassin, Selah Sax. Little does 007 know his mission is about to change -- and danger lurks in the nearby "Suicide Forest," where he and Selah will be both the hunters and the hunted.

James Bond Details

TitleJames Bond
ReleaseJun 7th, 2017
PublisherDynamite Comics
Number of pages32 pages
GenreThriller, Sequential Art, Comics, Spy Thriller, Espionage

James Bond Review

  • David Dalton
    June 14, 2017
    Dynamite hit the mother load with these James Bond comics. I buy and read them as they come out and still go out and buy the hardback collections to put on my bookshelves. Black Box is another great action thriller. Art is not so great, but the story makes up for it. In memory of Roger Moore, long live James Bond!
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