My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah
Journey now to Castle Gate, Utah of 1910 where...Forbidden Love Tries to Survive Old World Expectations Schoolteacher Leanna McKee plans on leaving the coal mining town of Castle Gate, Utah, and never looking back. Good riddance to coal dust, rugged men, and the fatal mine that took her husband’s life. Until the widow meets a widower who awakens her heart...and she finds herself inexplicably falling for miner Alex Pappas which stirs up a whole heap of trouble. Alex’s Greek parents have arranged a more traditional match for him.  When the schoolteacher’s association with the Greek family begins to anger the American miners, they threaten Alex and his family. Leanna has received an offer to teach elsewhere and feels she has no choice but to leave Castle Rock. . .though she will be leaving her heart behind.

My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah Details

TitleMy Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah
ReleaseNov 1st, 2017
PublisherBarbour Books
Number of pages256 pages

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