Homicide for the Holidays (Viv and Charlie Mystery, #2)
Deck the halls with suspicious deaths…A hidden key that opens a drawer locked for the past eight years, a mysterious envelope filled with cash, and a threatening note... none of this is what rising radio star Vivian Witchell expects to find in her late father’s office. But when Vivian stumbles into trouble, she hardly knows how steer herself back to safety. With the handsome and maddeningly practical private detective Charlie Haverman at her side, Vivian spends the holiday season uncovering the details of the last weeks of her father’s life, following a sinister trail of clues that leads her directly to one of the most notorious mob bosses of all time, Al Capone.The second book in the acclaimed Viv and Charlie mystery series, Homicide for the Holidays is a riveting holiday mystery set alternately amidst the glitz of Chicago’s radio drama scene and the grime of its taverns and speakeasies.

Homicide for the Holidays (Viv and Charlie Mystery, #2) Details

TitleHomicide for the Holidays (Viv and Charlie Mystery, #2)
ReleaseOct 10th, 2017
PublisherSourcebooks Landmark
Number of pages368 pages
GenreMystery, Holiday, Christmas, Historical, Cozy Mystery

Homicide for the Holidays (Viv and Charlie Mystery, #2) Review

  • nikkia neil
    March 19, 2017
    Thanks Edelweiss for this ARC.A great holiday read when it's just turning hot and humid here in louisiana. This series will bring a smile and laugh to you while being not too sweet. I like the twists the plot takes going along with the love affair being Viv and Charlie. Great series and hope to read more soon.
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