New Moon (Moon #8)
Isabelle Wood has never taken the easy path. As a bounty hunter and now a bitten werewolf without a mate, she’s searching for answers to her father’s disappearance while helping to lead an Alphaless Pack. The night she gets the opportunity to take out their enemy, with her blade at his throat, her wolf discovers her mate.Sebastian Severino is an enigma. He lives alone, works alone, and will die alone. But the night he’s attacked by a female werewolf, nothing will ever be the same. Years ago his mentor gave him a handwritten message from a clairvoyant. There was only one hope of salvation for him, and her name was Isabelle.When his young niece is kidnapped, Sebastian, the deadliest jaguar shifting assassin Nero has ever produced, will be forced to choose a side, and work with a partner. Fragile alliances will be made and loyalties will be tested, but love might be the only way to save them all...

New Moon (Moon #8) Details

TitleNew Moon (Moon #8)
ReleaseJun 19th, 2017
PublisherEntangled Otherworld
Number of pages320 pages
GenreAdult Fiction

New Moon (Moon #8) Review

  • Marie Andersson
    January 18, 2017
    Sebastian's book!:)
  • Lisa Kessler
    January 18, 2017
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