Wonders Beyond Numbers
Johnny Ball is Britain's most famous mathematician. Wonders Beyond Numbers is his magnum opus, and his first book for more than ten years. It is nothing less than the history of mathematics; he describes it as "a summation of my career as an enthusiast for mathematics." It will help spark (or re-spark) the reader's love of math in its many facets.The scope of the book is breathtaking. Running in something approaching chronological order, it shows that every breakthrough in math represents a single step forward, resting on the work of others, and brings to life the importance of numbers, shapes, and patterns in the world around us.It is all-encompassing, yet written in a light and reader-friendly fashion, and filled with diagrams to help explain the math. Dotted throughout are anecdotes and stories from Johnny's life and mathematical adventures, both on and off camera.

Wonders Beyond Numbers Details

TitleWonders Beyond Numbers
ReleaseDec 5th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury SIGMA
GenreNonfiction, Science, Mathematics

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