Kuroko's Basketball (2-In-1 Edition), Vol. 7
Seirin High's greatest basketball superstar was the one no one literally saw coming--the invisible Kuroko! When incoming first-year student Taiga Kagami joins the Seirin High basketball team, he meets Tetsuya Kuroko, a mysterious boy who's plain beyond words. But Kagami's in for the shock of his life when he learns that the practically invisible Kuroko was once a member of "the Miracle Generation"--the undefeated, legendary team--and he wants Kagami's help taking down each of his old teammates! Seirin's made it into the Winter Cup! The team decides to take a break at a hot spring in preparation for the tournament. While there, they run into Aomine and are surprised to learn that To-Oh Academy, the very same team that blew them out in the Inter-High qualifiers, will be their first opponent!

Kuroko's Basketball (2-In-1 Edition), Vol. 7 Details

TitleKuroko's Basketball (2-In-1 Edition), Vol. 7
ReleaseAug 1st, 2017
PublisherViz Media

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