Too Scot to Handle (Windham Brides, #2)
Colin MacHugh is trying to come up to scratch as the brother and heir of a newly minted duke, but Polite Society isn’t keen on a former army captain acquiring even a courtesy title. At the suggestion of an aristocratic friend, Colin takes an interest in a charitable home for urchins. Miss Anwen Windham is devoted to the same institution, and as Colin and Anwen work together to save the failing orphanage, their interest in each other becomes passionate.When the orphanage’s troubles take a criminal turn, everybody is suspect, from Colin, to the children, to Anwen. If Colin blows retreat and heads home to Scotland, the orphanage will surely fail. If he stays to fight the accusations coming at him from all sides, he could lose a future with Anwen–and his life….

Too Scot to Handle (Windham Brides, #2) Details

TitleToo Scot to Handle (Windham Brides, #2)
FormatMass Market Paperback
ReleaseJul 25th, 2017
Number of pages400 pages
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical

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