Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Volume 1
Michael J. Sullivan's best-selling novel The Death Of Dulgath comes to life as a graphic novel illustrated by the amazing Max Raynor.Three times they tried to kill her. Then a professional was hired. So was Riyria.When the last member of the oldest noble family in Avryn is targeted for assassination, Riyria is hired to foil the plot. Three years have passed since the war-weary mercenary Hadrian and the cynical ex-assassin Royce joined forces to start life as rogues-for-hire. Things have gone well enough until they're asked to help prevent a murder. Now they must venture into an ancient corner of the world to save a mysterious woman who knows more about Royce than is safe and cares less about herself than is sane.The Death of Dulgath was written as a standalone story, and it's perfect for both veteran Riyria fans and those new to the series.

Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Volume 1 Details

TitleDeath of Dulgath Graphic Novel Volume 1
ReleaseJan 1st, 1970
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy

Death of Dulgath Graphic Novel Volume 1 Review

  • Sheri
    December 28, 2016
    It is Royce and Hadrian - what else needs to be said. If you read Age of Myth you will start to see Easter eggs between the past and present. But good read between our favorite thieves with an interesting twist, and even unflappable Royce gets unsettled. If you enjoy Riyria, you will enjoy this book.
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