Goldie Vance Vol. 2
Nancy who? Goldie Vance is on the case! The adventures of the teen sleuth continue in this second volume of the hit comic book series.The adventures of Goldie Vance, teen super sleuth, continue in the second volume of this hit comic adventure. Collects issues #5-8 of the series.Sixteen-year-old Marigold “Goldie” Vance lives at a Florida resort with her dad, who manages the place. Her mom, who divorced her dad years ago, works as a live mermaid at a club downtown. Goldie has an insatiable curiosity, which explains her dream to one day become the hotel’s in-house detective. When Charles, the current detective, encounters a case he can’t crack, he agrees to mentor Goldie in exchange for her help solving the mystery.Eisner Award-winning writer Hope Larson (A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel) and artist Brittney Williams (Patsy Walker, A.K.A Hellcat!) present the newest gal sleuth on the block with Goldie Vance, an exciting, whodunnit adventure.

Goldie Vance Vol. 2 Details

TitleGoldie Vance Vol. 2
ReleaseMay 9th, 2017
PublisherBOOM! Box
Number of pages112 pages
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Fiction

Goldie Vance Vol. 2 Review

  • Marta L
    December 16, 2016
    4'5En su línea, muy entretenido y ameno. Me han gustado mucho las relaciones entre los personajes.
  • Yoomi
    December 12, 2016
    I've read issues #5-8 that will be collected in this volume and it's still going strong. Goldie Vance is one of my favorite series right now. Since each mystery is resolved within 4 issues, kids will love it and not lost interest.
  • Zachary King
    February 5, 2017
    More great fun from Larson and Williams!
  • Kate McCartney
    January 16, 2017
    I love Goldie Vance!2017 Read Harder Challenge - Read an all ages comic
  • Connie
    April 5, 2017
    4/5 starsReally enjoyed the mystery/investigation in this volume! I thought it was better than the first, honestly, but I feel like that's the general consensus with me. I enjoy later volumes more because I'm more familiar with characters and whatnot, which means I'm more invested in what happens! Also, I love Goldie Vance and her cool, greaser girlfriend, Diane.
  • Myonlycookie
    March 30, 2017
    I read issues 5-8, which is what will comprise this collection. I really enjoy this series; it's fun and the art is great. Mystery stories are some of my favorites; however, the mysteries are a little light (because of the length and target audience, I think), but they still work. Moreso, I'm into the setting, and all the characters are interesting in their own right.
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