Pages for Her
Pages for Her is the story of two women, Flannery and Anne, each at a personal turning point, and the circumstances that lead to their reunion. Twenty years after their brief but passionate affair, chronicled in Brownrigg’s earlier novel Pages for You, Flannery has the chance once again to meet Anne, who opened young Flannery up to the possibility of love—then left her heartbroken.Having long ago put their love behind them, they live now on opposite coasts. Anne has been in a deep, childless partnership with a fellow scholar Jasper, who recently left her. Flannery, to her own surprise, married a charismatic artist named Charles, with whom she has a young daughter. Submerged by her husband’s demands and personality and her adjustment to motherhood, Flannery has lost sight of her self and her work. When the two women meet at a conference, they find that the passion and understanding between them has endured, though it has been hidden. In rediscovering each other, they are able to rediscover themselves.Pages for Her is an exhilarating, passionate work that explores marriage, sexuality, and the transformative power of love over time.

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TitlePages for Her
ReleaseJul 11th, 2017
Number of pages256 pages

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  • Meh
    February 18, 2017
    That moment when you realize you've been waiting 15 years of your life for a book but only became self-aware of that fact after the existence and release date of said book is made public...
  • Allison Punch
    March 23, 2017
    Review forthcoming for Lambda Literary.
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