The Bourne Initiative (Jason Bourne, #14)
General Boris Karpov, head of the feared Russian FSB, is dead. But Karpov has reached out from the grave with an unstoppable cyber operation he conceived before his murder, aimed at the heart of the United States—a way to steal the president's nuclear launch codes. Who has taken over the operation? Karpov trusted only one man: Jason Bourne. But can Bourne be working against his own country? The U.S. Government is convinced of his treason, and is doing everything in its power to kill him. Flushed from cover and gravely wounded, Bourne's only hope is to join forces with his bitterest enemy: a powerful Somali terrorist named Keyre, and his protégée, the Angelmaker. If he hopes to survive, Bourne has no choice but unravel the mystery of Karpov's last legacy—a weaponized code that may bring about the unthinkable: a violent end to America.

The Bourne Initiative (Jason Bourne, #14) Details

TitleThe Bourne Initiative (Jason Bourne, #14)
ReleaseJun 13th, 2017
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
Number of pages432 pages
GenreFiction, Thriller

The Bourne Initiative (Jason Bourne, #14) Review

  • Ray Palen
    June 14, 2017
    Read my review Friday on .
  • Richard
    June 17, 2017
    Great read lots of twistsThere were a lot of twists in the book. You do not know where the story will take you to the end. It's a great read
  • K Saju
    June 24, 2017
    Liked this
  • Jill
    June 23, 2017
    I thought this book was ok. Not bad not good. just alright.
  • PWRL
    June 15, 2017
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