The Last Fighter Pilot
With the help of Captain Jerry Yellin, Don Brown reconstructs the last phase of the air war against Japan leading to the final mission of the war, and the story of the last man killed.

The Last Fighter Pilot Details

TitleThe Last Fighter Pilot
ReleaseJul 31st, 2017
PublisherRegnery History
Number of pages352 pages
GenreNonfiction, History, War, World War II, Military

The Last Fighter Pilot Review

  • Steve
    July 19, 2017
    An extraordinary book on an American P51 Mustang fighter pilot, Captain Jerry Fellin who flew the last combat mission of World War II out of Iwo jima. From April-August, 1945, Captain Jerry Fellin and his fellow pilots flew dangerous bombing and strafting missions out of Iwo Jima over Japan. The pilots continued to fly missions days after the atomic bombings over Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the emperor refused to surrender.
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