Hannu Rajaniemi follows up on the astounding success of his Jean de Flambeur trilogy with an epic stand-alone novel. One which will confirm his talent, emphasise the breadth of his range as a novelist and will establish him alongside Neal Stephenson and Adam Roberts as a master of both prose and ideas.It is 1958. World War II never happened. In the 1930s, the armies of the afterlife - known as Summerland - conquered the world of the living. The ruthless, immortal Summer Lords and their ectoplasmic machines rule a dark Britain with an iron fist. A gifted young medium and a bastard daughter of Harry Houdini discover a map of the Other Side that could break their power. But how do you start a revolution against rulers you cannot escape even in death?A brilliant new original concept from an acclaimed new author. Hannu took the SF world by storm with his first novel, The Quantum Thief. Published both here, in the US and across Europe to immense acclaim it announced the arrival of an extraordinary new talent. His plans for his new novels will establish him not just as a thrilling debut writer but a major voice for the genre in the first half of the 21st century.

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ReleaseJun 28th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction

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