Purrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5)
Deirdre “Foxtrot” Lancaster is back―with her supernatural sidekicks Tango and Whiskey―to unlock the mysteries of life and death…and murder.When zillionairess Zelda Zoransky throws a party, she means business. Foxtrot knows she’s in for a night when anything can―and will―happen. The festivities include a high-stakes showdown between two escape artists locked in a bitter rivalry. Meanwhile, Zelda is stuck in handcuffs… Can Foxtrot, her telepathic cat Tango, and her shapeshifting pooch Whiskey collectively channel their inner Houdini and make it out of the soirée alive?PURRFECTLY DEADThe magic turns tragic when one of the escape artists ends up dead. This is no disappearing act―it’s murder. The suspects include a scientist with a 3D printer that creates pop-culture clones, a psychedelically-impaired rock star, and a ghostly snake with a secret agenda. Now it’s up to Foxtrot, Tango, and Whiskey figure out which guest commited the crime before they reach they end of this deadly game of Clue. How will this tail end?

Purrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5) Details

TitlePurrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5)
ReleaseMay 31st, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Paperbacks
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Purrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5) Review

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