Morning Glory (The Heart's Spring, #3)
Sequel to Bleeding Heart | Publication PostponedThe depths of fear. The dawning of hope.Summer 1887Felicity Lute's family is on the run from scandal and sorrow, but their "vacation" isn't bringing Felicity and her sister, Helen, together the way it should. Hope - or at least distraction - comes in the form of Myghal Tamblyn, a Cornish man wandering the West. When he joins them on their journey to Crater Lake, Felicity begins to believe her heart and her dreams will heal. Just as long as she and her two sisters can keep their secrets hidden.Myghal has fallen in love - and been forced to let go of love - twice. He's intrigued by the flirtatious and flamboyant Felicity, but he's also wary of the obvious tension in her family, despite their welcome. An adventure with new friends might be just what his lonely heart needs, or it could be the path to a third and final heartbreak.When tragedy plunges Felicity and Myghal into the very depths of their fears, will they find anything strong enough to help them rise again?Inspirational Historical Romance

Morning Glory (The Heart's Spring, #3) Details

TitleMorning Glory (The Heart's Spring, #3)
ReleaseOct 2nd, 2019
PublisherSeasons of a Story
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian

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