The must-have guide for any fan of #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author TAMORA PIERCE! Enter the world of Tortall in this full-color, behind-the-scenes collectible guide, brought to you by the author who Sarah J. Maas says “shaped [her] not only as a young writer but also as a young woman” and whom Leigh Bardugo calls “the real lioness.”The secrets of Tortall are revealed. . . .As Tortall’s spymaster, George Cooper has sensitive documents from all corners of the realm. When Alanna sends him a surprising letter, he cleans out his office and discovers letters from when King Jonathan and Queen Thayet first ascended the throne, notes on creating the Shadow Service of spies, threat-level profiles on favorite characters, Daine’s notes on immortals, as well as family papers, such as Aly’s first report as a young spy and Neal’s lessons with the Lioness. This rich guide also includes the first official timeline of Tortallan events from when it became a sovereign nation to the year Aly gives birth to triplets. Part history, part spy training manual, and entirely fascinating, this beautiful guide makes a perfect gift and is ideal for anyone who loves Alanna, King Jonathan, Queen Thayet, Kel, Neal, Aly, Thom, Daine, Numair, and the unforgettable world of Tortall!

Tortall Details

ReleaseOct 31st, 2017
PublisherRandom House
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Tortall Review

  • Gillian
    January 30, 2017
    I'M SO EXCITED I MAY CRYThe only author more seminal to my youth than Tamora Pierce is JK Rowling. My inner twelve-year-old (who is not that different from my outer twenty-five-year-old) is sobbing with excitement. SQUEEEE
  • MohamedAmro Beseiso
    February 1, 2013
    yet to be published , looks interesting after reading this article
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